Base Position - Instructional


20-second Intervals

Base Linear Walks - Knee Mini Band

Base Mini Band Double Internal and External Rotations - Instructional

Base Linear Walks - Ankle Mini Band

Mini Band Lateral Walks Ankle & Hip - Instructional

Mini Band Lateral Walks - Ankle

Mini Band Lateral Walks - Hip

Side Lying Clam Shells - Instructional

Side Lying Clam Shells

Worlds Greatest Stretch

Lateral Lunge

Active 90-90 Stretch

Single Leg Squat to Quad Stretch

Single Leg Squat to Leg Cradle

Walking Quadricep Stretches

High Knee Walks

Skipping Straight Leg Kicks

Butt Kickers

Crossunder Skip

Lateral Skips

Skater Lunges

Inverted Hamstring

Backward Moving Inverted Hamstring

Leg Cradle Walks

Lateral Crawls


Low Skips


Backward Lunge to Hamstring

Walkling Quadriceps with Forward Reach

Walking Straight Leg Kicks

High Knees

Crossover Skip


Backward Running