No more excuses.

It’s time to drop the weight. 

It’s time to prove to yourself that you can succeed. 

It’s time to get the support you deserve. 

Let’s turn some heads.


Price and Description of Services

Many feel intimidated by the commercial gym setting and you'll get none of that here. By training with Zac you will get the chance to perform workouts in closed settings with one-on-one instruction. You won't be wondering what to do in the gym and guessing what to do outside of it. Try a session for free or send an email with your questions. Your fears of being judged or entering an intimidating setting will be put to ease. Take a chance on yourself and get the support you deserve.

New Member Bundle

Who is this for:

All new and prospective clients are encouraged to partake in our New Member Program which allows an in-depth understanding of our training before jumping into our monthly structure

5 Personal Training Sessions - $150.00*

  • Baseline Circumference Measurements

  • Baseline Movement Screen

  • Tailored training program which includes:

  • Injury prevention exercises

  • Balance, stability and movement skill coaching

  • Strength exercises

  • Conditioning exercises

  • Nutritional guidance to get you started in the right direction towards your goals

  • Standardized workout and exercise assessments

  • The support you need to succeed!

*Available in individual or partner training programs with choice of home-gym or field environment depending on schedule. Contact for partner training rates.


Monthly Member Program

Who is this for:  

After taking advantage of the New Member Bundle, you will be able to set a schedule and stick to it so you can succeed. Total monthly cost depends on how many sessions you train per week.

Monthly Training for as low as $25/session*

  • The ability to schedule reoccurring session time-slots that are yours to keep week in and week out until you hit your goals!

  • Individualized personal or partner training sessions

  • Routine Circumference Measurements

  • Baseline Movement Screen

  • Tailored training program which includes:

  • Injury prevention exercises

  • Balance, stability and movement skill coaching

  • Strength exercises

  • Conditioning exercises

  • Nutrition coaching

  • Reoccurring standardized workouts to gauge fitness levels

  • Off day training options

  • The support you need to succeed!


Client Testimonials


Kristen M.

  • Began her program at 130lbs, 26.1% body fat and a BMI of 22.3

  • Reached her goals with a weight of 124.5, 18.8% body fat and a BMI of 21.4

  • Lost over 2in around the chest and waist including 1in around hips

  • Has lost over 10 pounds of pure body fat

  • Has gained 5 pounds in pure lean muscle mass

  • Lost over 4.3% body fat within the first 3-months!

Manny R.

"I am 32 yrs old and have been training with Zac for almost three years. When I first started I was over 450 pounds and going up, I had tried other forms of weight loss and had failed at each one. I wasn't too fond of trainers as they all seemed to paint a grim future for me if I didn't sign up with them right away when i went to the gym. Zac is different, he actually cares more about you seeing results than about making money. His workouts are great, they are challenging and motivating as a lot of times you do things you wouldn't normally think you could. I am now down 100+lbs, have a ton more energy, enjoy to run, and have completed the Pf Changs half marathon in 2013. Zac is a great trainer he is really there for you and if you are serious about getting in shape he will get you there, for sure." - Manny R.

  • Started his journey at 450+ lbs.

  • Has lost over 100lbs and still going!

  • Continuing his journey towards his goal weight

  • Has successfully completed numerous 5k's for fun!

Marilyn C.

"I am a 64 year old woman, and I have been training with Zac over the last two winters. I have gotten into great shape, and have ultimately lost 30 pounds. We are away from Arizona during the summer months, so my time is limited to 6 to 8 months for training. Zac is well trained in cardio and physiology, and he keeps me motivated to work out with varying routines that he has created especially for my physical needs. He encourages me to go faster, and further, to reach my goals and accomplish what we set out for me to do. He keeps charts to follow my progress, and has helped me to keep on track as I gained my core strength and balance. Zac has educated me on what foods are better to eat, when to eat them, and has helped me to create life-style changes, which has kept me on track with nutrition and exercise. I encourage anyone to contact Zac, and discuss their individual needs with him. His rates are fair, and reasonable, and he gives 110% of himself." - Marilyn C.

  • Started her program with chronic shoulder pain and a knee that has a torn meniscus

  • Lost 30lbs!

  • Greatly reduced the amount of shoulder pain and has worked around her knee problem to obtain her goal

  • Focused on nutrition and established daily habits that helped her get to where she wanted to be and continues to strive towards new goals

Cody S.

"I am an 18 year old men's soccer college athlete and I have been training with Zac for the past 10 months. I was struggling with my weight and no matter what I tried, it never worked. It wasn't until I started training with Zac that things started to change. I started out at 225 pounds and had correctional issues as well as severe back pain. With the help of Zac, he helped me drop to 175 pounds, more flexible, and no back pain at all. If you follow Zach's directions and programs, I guarantee he will help you reach whatever your goal may be. I highly recommend training with Zac for numerous reasons. Zac is extremely responsible, trustworthy, dedicated, and cares about you. He supports you 100% and makes sure you achieve your goal. He wants the best for you and out of you and trust me, all of the hard workouts pay off. Zac is educated in basically everything from nutrition, to what kind of workouts to do, how to do the exercise and the body movement. Zac has definitely changed my life and I urge anyone to contact him. I trust Zac with everything, and if it wasn't for him, I would still be overweight with pain and I would not be playing college soccer in California right now." - Cody S.

  • Began his journey with chronic back and lower leg pain

  • Lost 50lbs!

  • Extended his range of motion and fixed his chronic issues

  • Now competes collegiately in soccer

Scott W.

  • Initiated his program with extremely limited range of motion and on medication

  • Lost over 60lbs!

  • Greatly increased his range of motion, taken off prior medication, and has made himself more durable for his life's work

  • Is continuing his goal towards more flexibility, greater functional ability, and overall strength