All purchases of personal training services are final and will not be refunded. By purchasing the personal training services listed you acknowledge that appointment time is reserved and that cancellations should be made 24 hours in advance. Understand that if you need to cancel/reschedule personal training sessions you must do so by contacting Zeus Fitness & Performance LLC at 480-652-1652 (voicemail or text will record date/time). Understand that you will not be refunded for missed appointments. It is your responsibility to attend your personal training appointments when they are scheduled. Understand that appointments will begin promptly as scheduled. Acknowledge that any delays to the start of a scheduled appointment will not warrant an extension of a session beyond its original ending time. Do not expect your session to run overtime. Understand that if you are 15 minutes late to training appointments that your trainer has the right to cancel the session without refund. I understand that sessions will run approximately one hour unless otherwise stated. Acknowledge that a delay to a scheduled session cannot change the session status to anything else except a whole session. Understand that there are no half sessions because of any delay. Pending availability, workouts can be rescheduled earlier or later in that day without charge if notified and rescheduled more than 24 hours in advance. By purchasing this service you attest, contract, acknowledge, and agree that you are legally bound by its content.